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Actress Ellen Page Announces That He is Now Actor Elliot Page


First coming to the realization that you are actually “trans” is overwhelming for most people.

There is confusion, fear, anxiety, stress, depression.

And more.

This was not a situation that you wanted to be in or chose.

It just happened.

You were born that way.

Regardless, the issues that you face can be quite daunting especially early on.

Coming out to your friends is often quite matter of fact – as many already knew before you shared your secret. Coming out to your family, especially your parents, can be traumatic or even worse.

Through the years, many of my patients have shared with me some extremely difficult, heart-wrenching, sad stories of their coming out. In particular, it seems that parents can be the absolute worst – one or both.

Fortunately, there are also a lot of very positive stories where the persons were shocked by the acceptance and unconditional support from their parents – which many were not expecting.

Today, with greater awareness, information, acceptance, options and even surgically affirming procedures, prospects for transgender individuals today are far brighter and more positive than ever before – and getting better.

Nevertheless, it is not easy no matter who you are or what you do.

Consider the former Ellen Page, the star of “The Umbrella Academy” series on Netflix and of “Juno” and many other TV series and movies. On December 1st, 2020 he announced on Twitter and Instagram that he is transgender, queer and non-binary and will be now known as Elliot Page. Appropriate pronouns are “he/him” and “they/them”.

According to him, it was an extremely difficult, challenging and winding path arriving at where he is today. Consistent with what I hear from many of my patients, he first considered himself to be a lesbian and came out back in 2014. He subsequently married Emma Portner in 2018 and they lived together as a lesbian couple.

Ultimately, he realized that he really was not a lesbian. He was transgender.

His coming out has the strong support and praise from his supportive wife.

We can only wish him and them the best.