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Get Relief With Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, can be extremely effective in improving or alleviating symptoms associated with markedly enlarged, pendulous breasts. Some of these issues include:

The following is a 30-year-old patient of mine who was experiencing a multitude of symptoms due to her 34H breasts. These symptoms added up to a substantially negative impact on her quality of life.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

She underwent breast reduction surgery that employed an inverted T-shaped incision but kept the nipple-areola complex attached to the underlying tissues. A total of 729 grams of fat and tissue were removed from the right breast and 711 grams from the left for a total reduction of 1440 grams (or 3.2 lbs). Her bra size went all the way down to a 34C/D.

Between the complete resolution of her symptoms and the marked improvement in the appearance of her breasts, she was extremely happy with the results of her breast reduction surgery.

Effective Results from Breast Reduction Surgery: Going from a G to C Cup

Taking into consideration all major cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, women who have had breast reduction surgery tend to be the happiest and most satisfied of all plastic surgery patients. In fact, this even exceeds the satisfaction associated with a breast augmentation where 94 percent of patients say they would make the same decision if they had to do it over again. A major reason for this positive reaction is the fact that breast reduction surgery is so effective in improving or completely alleviating pain, discomfort and activity restrictions related to very large breasts.

Another example of the substantial results that can be obtained from breast reduction surgery is illustrated by the following patient. Pictured below is a 29-year-old woman who was experiencing severe neck, back, and shoulder pains directly related to the size of her breasts, which caused her to wear size 36G bras. Her breasts also prevented her from engaging in anything more than mild physical activities (sports and aerobics).

Breast Reduction G Cup to C Cup Before and After Photos

Her decision to pursue breast reduction surgery was an easy one. The technique employed involved an anchor-shaped incision, where the nipple-areola complex was kept attached to the tissues but was reduced in size and elevated to a more aesthetically pleasing position. Ultimately, five pounds of breast tissue were removed during the procedure.

The results of her reduction mammoplasty seen in the above photos are quite dramatic. After the procedure, there has been total resolution of her neck, back, and shoulder pain, and she is now able to participate in sports and engage in other physical activities, all of which she was unable to do for years. She is now wearing a C or D cup bra rather than a G, and she no longer feels self-conscious about her breasts. As an added bonus, despite the extent of the reduction, she has retained some nipple sensation.

Big Outcomes from Small Reductions

It does not take a substantial breast reduction to experience a marked improvement (or resolution) of one’s symptoms. Of course, removing four or more pounds per breast can be dramatic and even life-altering; however, in more petite women, reducing each side by less than a pound can have similar effects.

Breast Reduction 34D Before and After Photos

Illustrating this is a 19-year-old patient of mine who, despite being only a 34D, was experiencing a multitude of symptoms related to her large breast size (see above). She underwent a breast reduction that involved removing less than 12 ounces per side. The results of this small reduction were the complete alleviation of her symptoms and the ability to work out and engage in sports without any discomfort.

Women who have undergone breast reduction surgery are truly the happiest of all plastic surgery patients.

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