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Elective Reasons to Undergo Breast Revision

Deciding to get breast implants, a breast lift or any other cosmetic breast surgery is just like any other major life decision—you weigh your options, consult the experts, and look at what the best option is for you. It is a decision that can have a huge impact on your life, with most women experiencing positive effects, both mental and physical.

While most breast augmentation results can be very long lasting, no procedure results last forever. Sometimes breast revision surgery may be needed in order to address old problems, different preferences or even time-related outcomes. This can include such issues as saggy breasts, changes in breast size, skin rippling, implant changes, and capsular contracture.

Many women choose to undergo breast revision surgery for reasons that have nothing to do with necessity. Some may desire larger sized implants whereas others may prefer smaller sizes after years with their current ones. Still other women may desire a change in shape or more prominent cleavage. A switch in the type of implant used, such as going from saline implants to silicone, can also be cause for revision.

Candidates for Breast Revision Surgery

You may be a good candidate for breast revision surgery if you:

Changing Implant Type

One common reason for women to choose breast revision surgery is to change the type of implant they have. Dr. Turkeltaub has treated many patients who wished to change from their saline breast implants to silicone implants because silicone ones will provide a more natural feel and look as well as provide a significantly better overall result. Silicone implants also tend to be more durable.

Breast Revision Before and After Photos

Changing Breast Size or Shape

Sometimes the reason behind a breast revision is merely a desire to change the size or shape of your breasts. A majority of women want to move up in cup size and have enhanced cleavage, though there are others who just want to downsize a bit. Either way, the new results that you desire can be obtained with this approach.

Changing Implant Position

The effects of time can sometimes cause breast implants to shift or move in unwanted ways, especially if they are placed over the muscle (also referred to as a subglandular or submammary placement). Dr. Turkeltaub recommends submuscular placement (under the muscle, also called subpectoral), as this tends to prevent or minimize such unwanted movements. Breast revision surgery can be used to change implant position.

Breast Revision Surgery Before and After Photos

Correcting Problems

Plastic surgery is an art and a science and neither have one hundred percent perfect outcomes, short or long term. For example, capsular contracture is an occasional issue, in which tissue tightens around the implants, that can result in deformities, breast firmness, pain, and change in breast shape. Breast revision surgery can correct this so that you can obtain the contour and shape that you desire.

Whatever the issue may be, breast revision surgery can help change the way you and your breasts look and provide you with secondary benefits of greater satisfaction and confidence.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Turkeltaub has treated women seeking breast revision surgery for a multitude of reasons. If you are interested in breast revision surgery, Dr. Turkeltaub can help determine if you are a good candidate as well as what would need to be done so as to give you the desired results. You can call our offices at 480-451-3000 to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.