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Breast Reduction Surgery Can Be a Total Winner for the Competitive Female Athlete

Breast reduction surgery effectively reduces or eliminates symptoms that many women with very large breasts experience such as neck, back and shoulder pain, rashes, skin breakdown, fatigue and discomfort associated with physical activities. I have had numerous patients of mine over the years tell me how absolutely happy they were following their breast reduction surgery in that they were once again able to be involved in sports and other vigorous activities that they previously had to avoid or limit their involvement in due to either discomfort or embarrassment.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the detrimental effects that large, heavy breasts (macromastia) have on a multitude of levels. When it comes to sports, particularly competitive ones, the impact can be enormous (coincidentally metaphorical). For example, when was the last time that you saw an elite female runner competing in the 100 yard dash?

What about the high jump?

Thought so!

Most of these superior athletes from the neck down are seemingly androgynous. It is very rare to see the likes of an Anna Kournikova (tennis) particularly in certain sports.

There is a somewhat publicized case (at least by her “adoring” male fans) of an elite female athlete who underwent a breast reduction in order to improve her ability to compete as well as to alleviate severe neck and back pains. This involves the Romanian tennis star Simona Halep who also was the junior champion at the 2009 French Open at the age of 18. Though her 34DD breasts significantly enlarged her appeal and following, they were fatiguing, painful and physically limiting.

Tennis star Simona Halep before breast reduction surgery

Halep underwent a breast reduction in 2009, reducing her breast size from a 34DD cup down to a 34C. It is no coincidence that following surgery, her world ranking has improved by 450 spots – now at 57th in the world. She states that she is faster and much more agile than she was prior to her breast reduction and no longer experiences any neck or back pains.

After breast reduction surgery

Simona Halpe runs faster, has greater agility and is a more competitive tennis player following her breast reduction surgery

On the down side, with her reduced breast size she cost her some of her male fan base …!

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