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Exercise Without Pain After Breast Reduction

Many women suffer physically, emotionally and psychologically when their breasts are disproportionately too large for their bodies. Such large breasts are often associated with physical symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, grooving of the shoulders, skin infections, rashes, postural changes, labored breathing and difficulty sleeping lying down in bed. They also commonly complain of difficulties and discomfort related to sports and exercising (or attempting to exercise) where they experience a multitude of symptoms due to the effects of the weight and movements of their breasts.

Difficulty Exercising with Overly Large Breasts

While exercising, a woman’s clothes should be well fitted to allow for free movement. It is helpful to wear a properly fitting, firm sports bra that provides support, relative immobilization of the breasts and comfort. However, for women with very large breasts, it is often very difficult to find affordable and available exercise bras that will effectively support their breasts and be comfortable. Most end up either wearing bras that provide little support, leading to painful and embarrassing bouncing or they settle for bras that are too small, restrictive and very uncomfortable and which can even restrict their breathing. I have had countless patients tell me that they will often wear two, three and even four bras when they engage in certain exercises just so that they have more support with less overall breast movement.

This definitely can’t be comfortable!

Consequently, women with overly large breasts often avoid sports, running or other forms of exercise due to difficulties, embarrassment, physical discomfort or pain.

Finding a Solution with Breast Reduction Surgery

Living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity can be very challenging or even impossible for women with very large breasts. Breast reduction surgery, by markedly reducing or alleviating the pain, discomfort, difficulties and embarrassment associated with exercising, can make this a reality. In fact, the resolution of symptoms and the marked increase in the quality of life experienced by women who have undergone a breast reduction translates into it being extremely rare for a woman to be disappointed long term after her procedure.

Women who make physical activity a substantial part of their life may benefit even more from breast reduction surgery. For marathon runners and professional athletes, breast pain due to exercise can limit movement, slow reaction time and speed and restrict activities. In a survey taken following the London Marathon in 2012, one-third of the female runners reported experiencing breast pain.

Undergoing the breast reduction surgery virtually always leads to improved performance and resolution of discomfort.

Post-Surgery Recovery and A Better Quality Life

The degree of improvement of the quality of life following a breast reduction in women with very large breasts can be very dramatic. In fact, I have found in my practice that the number of women regretting their decision to undergo this procedure is almost as rare as verifiable sightings of the Abominable Snowman.
Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that will improve your quality of life. Choosing to undergo breast reduction will greatly reduce painful symptoms and allow you to exercise without pain. For more information on breast reduction surgery or to schedule a private consultation, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub by calling (480) 451-3000 or filling out our online contact form.