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Is Breast Reduction a Functional or Cosmetic Breast Procedure?

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Many plastic surgery procedures provide both physical and aesthetic benefits — it is one of the beauties of this specialty. This is certainly the situation with breast reduction surgery. 

Woman tying a tape measure around her very large breasts.

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is the procedure for women who struggle with the physical and emotional challenges of oversized and heavy breasts. This plastic surgery option involves the removal of unwanted tissue and fat and the sculpting of the breasts in order to create a more proportionate, lighter, youthful, and manageable chest. A breast lift is an intrinsic part of the procedure, performed most of the time due to the typical associated drooping. 

The results of breast reduction surgery speak for themselves. Not only do the results look and feel great, but this surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates, with 95 percent or more of patients stating that they would do the surgery again if it meant achieving the results they did. In fact, breast reduction patients are among the happiest post-plastic surgery patients around. 

What are the reasons for such an overwhelmingly high satisfaction rate?

The reasons are because women who desire breast reduction surgery experience real and substantial physical and emotional struggles. Some women develop large, heavy breasts after pregnancy or weight gain, whereas others develop them early in their teen years, leaving them with even more time to refine their distaste towards their chests.

So, is breast reduction functional or cosmetic?

Breast reduction is truly both a functional as well as a cosmetic procedure that provides unequivocal benefits to your appearance, confidence, comfort, and ability to engage in more activities without debilitating symptoms. 

Interested in Breast Reduction? Your Top 3 Benefits of This Multifaceted Procedure 

1. Increased Physical Comfort

Large breasts are heavy and place intense pressure on your body, including affecting your center of gravity. Having to carry around this weight affects the posture of many women, which, over time, impacts the alignment of the spine leading to back pain in addition to the associated neck and shoulder pain and chest heaviness. For many, this can be debilitating – and not just outright annoying. 

Large breasts also often cause rashes, skin breakdown, infections, and even foul odors due to the rubbing and constant friction between the breasts and underlying skin. 

Fortunately, since this surgery reduces the weight and size of the breasts along with their elevation and contouring, comfort can be restored, improving the quality of life. 

2. Making Physical Activities and Exercising Easier and More Comfortable

Many women struggle when exercising due to the pain caused by the bouncing of their breasts as well as the associated neck, back, and shoulder discomforts. Because of this, they either avoid or limit their exercising and other physical activities so that they don’t have to contend with the discomfort and pain. This lack of physical exertion can lead to other health-related concerns like weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

By eliminating this problem, you can pursue a more active and healthier lifestyle post-surgery. 

3. Cosmetic Appeal

While “full” breasts are often considered ideal by society, women with disproportionate, oversized breasts are often as unhappy with their appearance, the unwanted attraction that they garner as the physical discomfort they bring. 

Heavy breasts tend to elongate and sag, robbing women of the round, perky breast appearance that is desired. Additionally, women often struggle to find comfortable and supportive bras, not to mention clothing that fits both their breasts and waist. 

Breast reduction with a breast lift resizes, reshapes, and lifts the breasts to create a more aesthetically desirable and youthful appearing chest. 

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Like any plastic surgery, your breast reduction should be performed by a skilled plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

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