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Playing Sports With Large Breasts: Not A Good Fit

Women who have very large breasts often have to contend with persistent neck, back and shoulder pains, rashes, headaches and fatigue on a daily basis just doing routine activities. Even more frustrating are the extent of the symptoms and the limitations that they have when trying to engage in vigorous sports such as softball, volleyball, tennis, swimming and even jogging. In order to attempt to be more comfortable, many will wear two or three sports bras which can be another challenge. Many find the hassles and symptoms so problematic that they just give up on playing sports that they would otherwise enjoy.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is straightforward and long lasting: pursuing a breast reduction. With a significant decrease in the size and weight of the breasts along with their elevation and removal of excess skin, most if not all of the annoying symptoms can be alleviated. Then, all one would need when participating in vigorous activities is just one well fitting sports bra.

Many of my breast reduction patients over the years have told me that following their surgery, they were able to engage in sports symptom free which they could not do previously. This made them extremely thrilled. In addition, they also confided that it was much easier to lose their excess weight now because they could exercise more vigorously and comfortably.

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