Great Results Following Breast Augmentation Can Persist For Many Years

Women who have had breast augmentations are overwhelming satisfied with their decision with 94% stating that they would definitely make the same choice again. Their breast enhancement has had positive effects not only their appearance but also on their mental and emotional well being. An interesting question that is not often asked is how well these physical results hold up over time.

In the years that follow their breast augmentations, many women will have significant weight fluctuations or even permanent weight gains. Surely, there must be an effect on the breast size, appearance, etc. and there is. Even with sizable weight gains, persistence of good results can be possible. Pregnancy and breast feeding, on the other hand, can be quite detrimental to the elasticity of the skin as well as to the inherent density and volume of breast tissue resulting in drooping that may need to be addressed with a breast lift. However, with the presence of breast implants, significant volume and shape can still be maintained.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen many of my breast enlargement patients who had their surgery ten to twenty or more years previously. From this follow up, it is clear that a majority still have aesthetically pleasing improvements even despite marked weight gains. It should be pointed out that virtually all of the breast enlargements that I performed had the breast implants inserted in a submuscular pocket where there is better long term support against gravity. Implants that have been placed in a submammary pocket generally don’t do nearly as well over time because of the far greater drooping that will occur.

Before breast augmentation – front view

Before breast augmentation – side view

4 months after breast augmentation – frontal view

4 months after breast augmentation – side view

8 years after breast augmentation and 40 pound weight gain – frontal view

8 years after breast augmentation and 40 pound weight gain – side view

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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