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Financing For Your Cosmetic Breast Surgery

You are now ready to have that breast augmentation or breast lift that you have always wanted but there is just one problem: how to pay for it? After all, the economy is pretty bad right now and you don’t have a whole lot of cash just lying around. Do you just consign yourself to either giving up your dream or having to wait a whole lot longer? Maybe not!

My staff and I here at the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Breast Surgery have found and worked with several financing companies that do offer loans to qualified individuals for cosmetic surgery and procedures which could make your wish come true. Our patients have had the most success with CareCredit, myMedicalLoan.com and SurgeryLoans – and in that order. It has also been our experience that a rejection for a loan from one company doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to obtain one from another one. Some of our patients even obtain loans from more than one source.

How can you obtain information or apply for a loan? You can call my office to have your questions answered and even have us submit your application. Another option would be to go to the Financing page on my website, www.arizonabreast.com, and either click on the desired icon or call the listed toll free telephone number.

If you have some questions regarding financing your breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction or to schedule a free consultation with me, please contact my office at 480-451-3000.

Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona