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When Is the Best Time to Undergo Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

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Cosmetic breast procedures can provide excellent outcomes for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. Whether your breasts are too small, too large, misshapen, asymmetrical, have begun to sag or have other issues, cosmetic breast surgery has a solution.

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Women of all ages seek surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Some of the most requested techniques include:

Cosmetic Breast Surgery for Young Women and Teens

The most frequently requested cosmetic breast procedures in this age group are breast augmentation and breast reduction. Breast lifts are fairly common, even in this age group, due to breast drooping related to significant weight fluctuations and weight loss, pregnancy and generally poor breast skin tone and tissue laxity. 

It is important for you to know that if you plan to get pregnant, pregnancy can adversely affect the results of your breast surgery, especially a breast lift or a breast reduction. Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the breast tissue to stretch and can lead to your new breasts sagging and changing shape and size long-term. 

If you are planning in the near term to lose a moderate to a substantial amount of weight, it is usually recommended to do so prior to undergoing your cosmetic breast surgery. The reasons for this are that weight fluctuations and loss will cause the breast tissue to stretch and droop along with negatively affecting the volume. 

Waiting will allow for a better, more accurate and longer-lasting result whether the procedure you are seeking is a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. 

Cosmetic Breast Surgery for Women With No Future Pregnancy Plans

If you have postponed cosmetic breast surgery until after completing your family and are at or close to your ideal weight, now is a great time to consider your breast enhancement surgery. 

You may have always been smaller than you wanted to be or lost volume from pregnancy or weight loss. A breast augmentation using smooth surfaced silicone breast implants may be just the right solution for you.

Age is not necessarily a factor for this procedure either. Women well into their seventies undergo this procedure for the first time.

Large breasts can be problematic at any age — from young to old. If your breasts are too large for you, for whatever reason, and you would like them smaller in size, then a breast reduction may be the appropriate procedure. A lift is an intrinsic part of this.

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Satisfaction from the results and the positive effects on your life make this procedure a virtually unanimous winner.

Droopy breasts as a consequence of pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuations and loss, genetics, gravity and time can effectively be addressed with a breast lift. Many times breast implants are used at the same time to provide firmer and more youthful-appearing breasts.

If you have had previous cosmetic breast surgery before and either need or want to improve the appearance of your breasts or have issues, then breast revision surgery is a consideration. For example, if you have had a previous breast augmentation and you want to be larger, smaller or even have your breast implants removed (explantation), then this surgery would be indicated. This also applies to ruptured breast implants and capsular contracture. 

Secondary breast reductions or breast lifts can also solve the issue of breasts that have become too large again or have had significant recurrence of drooping.

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