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Why Choose a Specialist for Your Breast Implant Surgery?

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If you are considering breast augmentation to increase the size of your breasts and to improve your overall figure, you should know that your final results may depend largely on the plastic surgeon you choose.

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While other factors, like compliance with instructions and risk of complications, also contribute to the outcome of your procedure, the expertise of your breast surgeon is always the key element.

3 Reasons to Choose a Breast Surgery Specialist

There are many reasons to consider having your breast enhancement surgery performed by a specialist. Some of these include:

1. Greater Focused Knowledge 

A breast implant specialist is more likely to know more about the world of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery than someone whose focus is largely on other areas such as facial surgery or liposuction. 

Knowledge is power and it will ultimately benefit you before, during and after your breast surgery. 

2. More Expertise With Options 

A breast specialist, who spends more time in the realm of breast surgery, should have far more experience and knowledge which can lead to providing you with options and results that match your goals. 

These implant related options include: 

3. Superior Surgical Expertise

By focusing on breast surgery, these specialists have greater knowledge, exposure and surgical experience to offer you the expertise needed to help you have a far better chance of obtaining the outcome you desire.

Other Important Breast Augmentation Factors

Following the Surgeon’s Instructions

When you choose a breast specialist to perform your breast augmentation, they should provide you with specific instructions to follow before surgery, on the date of your surgery, and during the recovery period. It is crucial that you abide by these instructions, both for your safety and your outcome. Many complications can be reduced or avoided by following directions.

Stopping Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping will significantly increase your risk of complications both during and after surgery. Make sure that you tell your surgeon if you smoke or vape. Typically, it is recommended that you stop smoking or vaping from around one month prior to your surgery until around one month post-surgery.

How to Find the Best Breast Augmentation Specialist

Breast surgery results can vary depending on who’s performing the procedure. Potential patients should choose their surgeon carefully to ensure the best results possible.

Try to choose a highly qualified plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can start by checking the surgeon’s website to learn about their skills and experience with breast enhancement surgery. Be sure to view their before and after breast implant photos as well. 

Reviews may be helpful though not always accurate or true.

Your Breast Augmentation Specialist

Dr. Steven Turkeltaub is a well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic breast surgeries for patients in the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix area as well as those traveling from elsewhere in Arizona and other states for their breast procedure. 

In addition to offering breast augmentation and breast augmentation with a lift procedures from his Scottsdale office, Dr. Turkeltaub offers the following breast surgery options: