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Celebrity Breast Augmentations

A tremendous number of female celebrities have attained their stardom or maintained their fame, attraction, and allure with the help of plastic surgery, most notably of the breast augmentation type. Yes, many other cosmetic surgical procedures are performed in Hollywood such as liposuction, nose jobs, and eyelid lifts, but none have quite the glamour or WOW factor as a well-done breast enlargement.

And no other procedure is quite as effective in garnering attention or providing an (un)fair advantage for the actress that they endow.

While many celebrities go for the less than natural mammoth sized mammary enlargements (Pamela Anderson), there are still plenty who have undergone surgery for the more tastefully sized breast enhancements. The following are just a few examples of these:

Kate Hudson

This natural beauty has always looked amazing. Kate improved on this a few years ago by undergoing an appropriately sized breast augmentation, transforming her flat chest to one providing her with an even more alluring look.

Carmen Electra

From modeling and singing to dancing and running a non-profit organization, this celebrity has practically done it all, including having had plastic surgery. Ms. Electra’s double D’s, which helped her land on the cover of Playboy magazine multiple times, are coveted by many.

Gwen Stefani

Although she’s in her 40s now, Gwen still looks as amazing as she did in her 20s, and her chest has gone from flat to fabulous.

Nicole Richie

Most probably remember her as Paris Hilton’s crazy partner in crime, but Nicole is now happily married with not only a set of children, but also a new set of amazing breasts.

Nicole Kidman

Although she may have gone overboard on the BOTOX®, Nicole’s plastic surgery on her breasts took her barely-there chest to sexy and voluptuous.

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