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Degrees of Breast Sagging and Breast Lift Surgery to Correct

Breast Lift Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ

Although a woman may be happy with the general size of her breasts, more often than not she is not too pleased if they are sagging (drooping). Having the right size doesn’t guarantee that they are attractive and voluptuous in appearance. With the help of the right bra, breasts may appear perky, firm, and alluring, but out of it they often lose their shape and attractiveness.

Breasts can have a displeasing appearance if they are deflated, sagging, or have drooping nipples and stretched areolas. So, in these situations…

“Size matters”…only up to a point, though!

(Where have we heard this before?)

Breast ptosis (sagging) occurs when skin loses elasticity and can no longer bear the weight and help maintain the youthful shape of the breast tissue. Consequently, the breast loses its attractive contours, including the fullness higher up, and begins the relentless process of hanging lower and lower on the chest (and abdominal) wall. This condition can be caused by pregnancy, nursing, gravity, weight fluctuations, large breast size, the natural aging process, genetics, sun damage, and even cigarette smoking.

The extent of ptosis varies not only from person to person but even between the left and right sides of the same individual. The degree of this sagging will influence the type of procedures employed to correct it and rejuvenate the breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) would need to be performed in order to rejuvenate the breasts and achieve a more attractive breast shape and appropriate position. Depending on the degree of drooping as well as other factors, the extent of the procedure could range from just the removal of a small amount of skin at the top of the areola all the way to an anchor-shaped (inverted T) incision that also entails the removal of skin and some strategically situated breast tissue, the elevation and contouring of the remaining breast tissue, and the repositioning and resizing of the nipple-areola complex on the reshaped breast.

Degree of Ptosis and Other Factors Determine the Lift Technique

There are several different breast lifting techniques that can be considered in order to improve varying degrees of sagging. The breast lift technique that I use is individualized for each breast of every one of my patients and is determined not only by the extent of drooping but also other important factors as well.

The following are the most common approaches employed for breast lifts – listed from simplest to most involved:

The Crescent (Mini) Lift

The Periareolar (Donut) Lift

The “Lollipop” Lift

The Inverted-T (Anchor-Shaped) Lift

Breast Lift Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss at length the results that you are seeking. I will evaluate you thoroughly in order to determine the best technique that would allow you to achieve your goals. This would also include selecting the proper sizes and styles of breast implants (when appropriate) – allowing you to undergo both a breast lift and a breast augmentation at the same time. A vast majority of my patients who are in need of a lift also have a breast enlargement concurrently.

To discuss your options for breast lift surgery, you can schedule a consultation with me by calling (480) 451-3000  or by filling out our online contact form. I am a breast enhancement specialist, ABPS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and have been selected as one of “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons.”