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Recovery from Breast Reduction – My Approach

breast-reduction-recovery-AZFollowing your breast reduction surgery, a form fitting dressing is applied and left on until your first postoperative visit two to three days later. At that time, you will then be placed in a special sports type bra that is to be worn day and night for around two weeks. After that, I strongly recommend that you continue wearing a supportive bra on a regular basis during waking hours in order to slow down the inevitable drooping of your breasts over time as a result of the relentless effects of gravity.

Once you have returned to have your surgical dressing removed, additional follow-up visits are typically scheduled at around one week, two weeks, one month, three months, and six months after surgery. The exact time intervals between postoperative visits as well as the number of return visits you need to make are individualized, depending on a variety of factors.

There will be swelling following your breast reduction surgery which will decrease over time, usually taking up to a year to maximally resolve. Any postoperative discomfort that you may experience will generally be minimal to quite tolerable, brief and effectively controlled with the prescribed medication. You will likely feel well enough to return to work or school within about four to seven days, and you should be able to resume full activity (including heavy lifting or strenuous exercise) after approximately three to four weeks.

Ultimately, it is important to note that every individual heals differently and has different postoperative life circumstances. Consequently, your postoperative regimen and instructions including restrictions, returning to work or school and physical activities will be provided at the time of your breast reduction consultation and modified as needed after surgery.

Steven H. Turkeltaub, MD, PC

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