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What’s Included in the Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery?

breast-reduction-cost-AZThe cost of breast reduction surgery will vary by plastic surgeon, as well as by the general geographical region, your specific community and the particular surgical facility selected. As with most plastic surgery procedures, the total cost for breast reduction will usually include fees for the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist and for the usage of an operating facility (whether it’s an outpatient center or a hospital). There may be additional pathology expenses (for examining the removed breast tissue) as well as for any relevant medications not covered by insurance.

If you have insurance, your provider may cover part or all of your breast reduction surgery, though this will depend on your specific plan. For example, some insurance plans make an exclusion for breast reduction coverage (in other words, they do not cover it), while others have specific and often strict requirements regarding weight and height, symptoms, or even compliance with physical therapy prior to seeking surgery.

When paying out-of-pocket for your procedure, you will likely be responsible for covering all of the charges mentioned above on your own. Should this be the case, many practices offer financing and payment plan options that can help make your breast reduction more affordable. If you are able to obtain insurance approval for your breast reduction, there may be co-pays or deductibles that you may be responsible for.

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